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Sea and Surf

In a country blessed with beautiful beaches, Peniche has some of the finest. What's more, there is a beach for everyone, from young families, to the most experienced surfers.

Porto de Ariea Sul A smaller beach ideal for relaxing with a book, sunbathing quietly, or for young families, as children will enjoy climbing on the small rocks formations. On either side of the beach are two great marisquerias (shellfish restaurants) with terraces.

Praia da Gamboa The Peniche end of the spectacular Praia Norte (North Beach). The sea is calm here and best for relaxing and swimming.

Baleal At the far end of Praia Norte. The closer to Baleal, the better for wind-surfing, and body boarding. Beginners to intermediate surfing at Baleal. There is also a very calm area on the other side of the sand bridge.

Praia do Medao/Supertubos For a world-class beach break. Also nearby ConsolaƧao.

The Marina

the gastronomy

As a consequencie of the fish-port where every single day several boats arrive full of fish, the town is famous for its numerous fish restaurants, which serve up some of the tastiest dishes in Portugal.
Among them, the Fish-Stew is an identificativ gastronomical dish of the town, because of its freshness and variety of fish.

fishing port

Peniche is a busy fishing town, located in the picturesque shelter of a peninsula.
Up to the 16th century the town was part of an island, although by a progressive sand accumulation process it was connected to the continent, forming the present headland.

The Fortress at Peniche

Located at water's edge and right in front to the marina, stands the 16 XVI century Fortress, used as a prison by Salazar dictatorship. It now incorporates a museum with local archaeology, crafts, former cells, solitary chambers and the visitors' grilles

Open Tues to Sunday till 6pm, closes at 5pm in winter

Cabo Carvoeiro

Cabo Carvoeiro
The Atlantic Rugged Coast


At 45 minutes away from Peniche - 30 minutes from Lisbon and the airport, among chacteristic villages and in open countryside:

Casa do Lago kids friendly holiday villa

Casa do Lago kids friendly holiday villa
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